Help Save Lives ĘC (District Project)

Our BOD approved RM 5K contribution from KLRCF to “Help Safe Lives” project.

About Help Save Lives:

District 3300's Covid-19 Emergency Relief Committee has received overflowing requests from government hospitals. The committee has evaluated the COVID-19 emergency needs and worked with various Ministry of Health suppliers to obtain the lowest quotations. This is a Rotary International District 3300 Malaysia initiative with the support of Yayasan Kelab Kelab Rotary Malaysia (YKKRM).

Through The Malaysian Association of Hong Kong, BAC Education Group, YKKRM and District Disaster Relief, the District managed to raise close to RM120,000 for the Help Save Lives campaign. All funds will be pooled together and channeled via YKKRM, which will in turn make payments to the suppliers in accordance with the supply made to the respective beneficiary hospitals. Donors requiring tax exemption receipts will be issued based on their direct payment to YKKRM.

Clubs are invited to help the hospitals and front liners fight COVID-19. There is a matching fund (a maximum of RM5,000 will be matched) for clubs that donate towards this fund. The District's hope is to reach RM250,000 by 20th August 2021 as this fund will have immediate relief results.

Clubs may nominate hospitals but requests will be based on priority and need as determined by our Rotary medical experts. Currently the equipment requested include:

50 units of Oxygen Concentrator 5L

20 units of Syringe Pump

50 units of Wall Mounted High Pressure Suction Vacuum Regulator complete with full apparatus

25 units of Rechargeable Oxygen Flowmeter Bullnose 50 5 Spo2 monitors

100 units of Camp Beds

200 units of High flow nasal cannulas

10 units of High Flow Non-Invasive Ventilators

10 units Oxygen Concentrator 10L

2 units of Turbine Ventilator

10 units of Portable Suction

Donating clubs will be advised on the handover and can be at the hospital to assist with the handover of equipment where possible. Help Save Lives. Help our Hospitals & Front liners Fight COVID-19.

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