Food Sharing Community Project

Our club decided to carry out another round of quality food distribution at the DBKL Community center in the Chow Kit, KL area as part 2 of the Food Sharing Community Project.

Our daily contribution was 50 packs for lunch at Chow Kit with 150 packs distributed for lunch and 200 packs distributed at dinner to the homeless and needy. DBKL has two food aid distribution centers (Chow Kit and Medan Tuanku), and the distribution centers were professionally managed by DBKL staff that applied set SOPs (MySejahtera, and temperature scanners). The outlets were open for lunch and dinner, and food was distributed in packets after recipients signed in as this reduced duplication. Both NGO and business contributed to the food at the distribution center via preset schedule.

Our community service committee member, Rotarian Shah Redza supervised the project periodically. In addition, PP Dato' Chan Kam Fatt volunteered and assisted in the supervision of the project. In the words of PP Kam Fatt:

“This Food Project is very well organized by DBKL and this initiative benefited a needy sector of our urban population. I saw people of all races and genders queuing and collecting the sponsored food packs and drinks. Rtn SHAH is very dedicated and was again quietly arranging a further serving of enhanced food packs with mutton curry with the caterer. Today’s food packs were also very balanced and sumptuous".

Thank you very much, PP Kam Fatt, for your good deed.

Phase 2 Summary:

  • Quantity of food and drink: 650 packs
  • Distributed 50 packs over 12 days or daily quantity adjusted until 650 packs are finished.
  • Period: August 2021
  • Allocated Budget: RM 3,000 (600 meals @ RM 5 per meal)
  • Provider of Meals: ZMHH Services (caterer)

This month, we provided a variety of quality nutritious food. Examples:

  • Mutton curry and rice with cabbage and salted egg.
  • Fried fish and rice plus omelet with sambal and kangkung belacan.

Rtn Shah Redza was Organizing Chair for this project. Please contact him directly for any suggestions or contributions.

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