During the presidency of Dato' Jimmy Lim (1997 / 98) the Wisma Rotary Fund was established to acquire and fully pay for a four-storey rental property in Balakong to become Wisma Show Rotary Cares.

Club members and many well-known corporate personalities donated generously to the fund which resulted in ownership of the property without the club owing banks any money.

The original intention was to use the expected rental income for projects that benefit handicapped children and for community service projects. However, due to various reasons the building was left untenanted for a number of years.

The 2006 / 07 board under President David Teh decided to make available to St John Ambulance two floors at a nominal rent so that a Haemodialysis Centre for the needy in the Balakong area could be established. This centre commenced operation in 2007 and its clientele has been growing slowly.

During the presidency of Attan Akmar 2007-08, the board decided to convert the top floor into the club archives and a meeting room, to be available to club committees, the Board of Directors of RC Kuala Lumpur DiRaja or meetings of our Rotaract Club of Kuala Lumpur. For many years our club had been looking for suitable premises to house what is left of the physical evidence that depict our club's illustrious history. Many old files, Rotary paraphernalia, banners, photos etc. have been lost because the club had no storage facilities and, sad to say, through negligence.

Extensive renovation work commenced in July 2009 and in December the meeting room was fitted out with furniture and an air conditioner. The first set of storage shelving was also set up to receive old files, Rotary memorabilia and items collected by past presidents, secretaries and club directors. Some material is trickling in but it will take considerable time and effort to complete this task.

Toward the latter part of Rotary year 2009-10, more material was handed over so that the shelving is filling up and additional units will have to be installed in due course. Also, the decoration of the meeting room has been completed by handing framed replicas of old certificates, pictures, club pendants etc. on the walls. The main area walls were used to hang up Rotary banners from previous years.

The Inner Wheel Club of Kuala Lumpur was given space to store some of its records in steel cabinets.