Past Presidents

Low Kok Hwa


Launched the 20,000 luminous school bags project countrywide with cooperation of the Ministry of Education, State Education Departments, Nationwide Express and 25 Rotary clubs. These school bags were distributed free of charge by Nationwide Express to the 25 rotary clubs around the country who in turn distributed them to the rural primary school students. At a market price of about RM 25 per school bar, the value of the project as RM 500,000.

Held a Dama Orchestra Charity Concert to raise funds for our projects and to help smaller Rotary clubs with their projects under the Governorship of Dato' Jimmy Lim in 2006-2007. The concert netted RM 318,000.

The English Literacy Campaign was launched to target underprivileged children in the country with a view to providing them an opportunity to improve their literacy in English so as to pursue an education leading to a vocation of their choice. This is a joint project with the Inner Wheel Club of Kuala Lumpur and the Rotary Club of Makati, Philippines.

Established sister club agreement with Rotary Club of Phuket. Held inaugural Sister Club Fellowship-Golf Challenge Cup with Rotary Club of Raffles City, Singapore, at A'Famosa Malacca.

International projects C Matching grant with Rotary Club of Taipei Southgate to provide a wheelchair lift van for handicapped. This van was handed over to the Taipei City Mayor in May 2006. Also matching grant with Rotary Club of Deli Medan and Taipei Southgate to provide an ambulance for the tsunami affected area. Collected RM 6,200 as part of District's contribution to the Pakistan Earthquake Relief Fund.

Provided the following:
1. Teaching aid worth RM 5,000 to Selangor and Federal Territory Association for Retarded Children.
2. RM 5,000 to Education Fund of Rumah Hope.
3. RM 5,000 for the purchase of equipment fo Kasih Hospice Care Society.
4. RM 5,000 for Persatuan Mobiliti Selangor & Kuala Lumpur.
5. RM 5,000 for Persuatuan Penyayang Nur Iman Kuala Lumpur & Selangor.
6. RM 8,000 for materials for self-help project at Welcome Community Home.

District Awards
RI District 3300 Preserve Earth Award 2005-2006.