Past Presidents

Jimmy T C Lim


-Purchase a new 4 storey building for the club at Taman Sg Besi

-Initiate RCKL Training Centre at Puchong RCKL

-70th Anniversary Dinner on 28th March 1998. RCKL will be issued a first day cover by the Ministry of Energy, Telecommunications & Post.

-On 28th March 1998, the Sultan of Selangor will officially bestow RCKL the Royal status at the grand dinner.

-Equip school at Kg Pandan for National Society for deaf (Majlis Kanak kanak Malaysia)

-Visit to old folk homes and orphanages. <br/>-Promote culture and donations to school

-Environment tree planting project - we intend to plant 10,000 trees for Kuala Lumpur.

-High tech careers workshops

-Leadership seminars

-Sponsor the partnership in entrepreneurship (PIE) scheme in Selayang

-Provide RM28,000 of equipment and training aids to PERKOBP sheltered workshops.

-Provide wells and clean water for children in Vietnam

-Students Exchange with Taiwan Southgate

-Visit Rotary Club of Makati

-Christina Noble to visit Malaysia.

-Interact Workshop - extend to beyond our 10 Interact Clubs

-Increase activities for Rotaract and Interact Clubs.

-Vocation at work programme.

-Presidential Golf Tournament

-Vegetarian cooking class

-Star Cruise in September 1997 for members

-DG Visit on 11th November 1997

-Visit to Crows Nest in April 1998

-Intercity meets

-1st District 3300 Conference in November 1997