Past Presidents

A. Rahim Ismail


Raised Donations of RM150,000.00 for Presidential Projects (Chairman: Lim Che Wan). Donated RM 70,000.00 for half cost of Safety Launch christened "K.L. ROTARIAN" to OBS, Lumut. Won 9 District Awards viz.: Bulletin (Editor Jimmy Lim) Rotary Exhibition Awareness (in conjunction with play "Odd Couple": Club Service Director: Thakurdas) Vocational Guidance Seminar (Vocational Service Director: Soo Huk Kheong) sponsorship/Establishment of PROBUS (Community Service Director: Tan Hing Hock & Rtn. Louis Cheah) International Symposium: "The New Economic Order - a Catalyst, for International Understanding (lnternational Service Director: Achim lhlenfeld) District international Seminar (PP Mahinder), Forum on Lepak/Prevention (Youth Service Director: Kulasegaran Sabaratnam) Sponsoring/Organising District Rotaract Assembly in Jerantut (Youth Service Director) Major role in organising during RI President Bill's visit: the Friendship Conference (Chairman: PDG Mustapha Ma) the Inter-City Dinner (Chairman: IPP Hardeep Singh). Established sister Club relation with Rotary Club of Makati, Philippines. Reciprocal hosting of Exchange Students with Crows Nest. Our candidate, Ms Ranjit Kaur, awarded Rotary Ambassadorial Scholarship. Established Foundation for Performing Arts and Music of RM50,000.00. First Club in District to donate to ROTAFOM with 13 Tan Sri Jamil Rais Fellows. Awarded two Taylor's College Scholarships and two-one way passage tickets to scholarship recipients. Presented Reading Pavilion to Bukit Nenas Primary School Scholarships to Students; Donations of RM40,000.00 to the Handicapped Children. At time of writing RCKL received public donations of RM50,000.00 for medical expenses of Baby Yong Zhi Qing who requires a kidney transplant.