Excerpts From President Dr Lee Hock Bee's Maiden Speech On 7th July 2004

At the installation banquet on 26th June 2004, we presented our face to the public and the event turned out well. It is recognised that we cannot totally rely on our members to carry our our activities and need to reach out to the public for their attendance and support. At this first club meeting for this new Rotary Year I find it appropriate to speak to our members strictly on Rotary business.

I would like to mention the Pareto Principle in human organisations where it is observed that 20% of any group carry out most of the functioning and really matters while the 80% remain passive. In our club the Board would constitute that 20 % while the rest of the club members are the 80 %.

I would like to see the situation whereby our club would defy that Pareto principle, that is, that 80 % is the active faction.

Until 3 years ago one of the wheels in our club became squeaky and almost came off when the state of our finances were in a sort of mess. Thanks to the efforts of PP Dtk Jimmy Lim and Dtk Koay Soon Eng, Dtk Beh Lye Huat and Dtk Ramli financial prudence was practised vigorously and we managed to gain back our financial health. Since then the consolidation of the club had continued and today I inherit a club in a reaonably good condition.